Monday, June 27, 2011

Staying in Lebanon Tennessee for the night

This is Ecko.

We've stopped for the night and we're staying with a friend of mine just for tonight. Also I'll be making dinner really soon. It think it'll be good for Drake to get some good food in him for now...


This is Ecko.

I'm gonna be helping Drake for now on... Cause Tikka was killed...

So yeah, Drake and Tikka were attacked by Zalgo, but managed to trap him, then some time later Tikka went missing. Drake used a tracking charm recommended by Mystery, and we found Tikka... but it was too late... So we buried Tikka and now we're on the run. We'll be posting when we stop each day.

That's all for now.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Team. I've been awaiting any sign of Progress with you guys. The team seems dead. We just stopped. I'm trying to help another team. Justice is grounded. Anon is blind. Frap is dead. And Joce... He's in shock or something.

Also I have a bad bullet wound.

This team was made up of people that people first liked. But for some reason they gave up on us. All except anon.

I wanted to vent about the blog. And make a final post here.

John the Dreamer.
No longer Magick.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A new reqruit.

My sister made a blog. Be happy to talk to her. She got a note, so I invited her to the blogs. Now, listen before you judge me, she brought me into the slenderverse.

In other news, I'm angry at /OC/.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roll Call...

Is anyone left? Or is the monster left to her shadows... "Justice".... I.... I'm not Justice anymore...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goodbye Magick.

We were never really a team. Today I go a sepeate path. I just hope we don't intercross.
I need a good mask. Tell me, what should I get?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update on John.


John is proxified. However, thanks to science, I'm making an AI to replace him.


P.S. I'll be finished within the next week.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

....uh, fuck.

RT's list of de-integrators
Notification: Updating list of entities involved in original de-integration. Current list:

The |OC|
The Rake
The Dark One
The Black-Eyed Ones
Der Erlking

Avis Detrimenti
Vulpes Victoria
Oceanum Spolarium
The Jabberwock


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I wanted to post this here...

My hand that day I found blood everywhere...


For anyone reading this who hasn't already seen, Frap is back! Sort of... mostly... he has to do something for big tall and faceless now that he's back, but then I think he'll be free after that. Hopefully. = )

Friday, April 15, 2011


Gods... I.... I don't know what to say....
I'll miss you, I miss you now....
I know you'll never read this, but I miss you so much.
You deserve the best afterlife filled with coffee drinks. And Astrid'll be there, with Sharpie.

Goodbye, brother, mentor, hero.

J- Bye, friend.... T_T

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joce and Frap

Talked to Joce. Not Regen, Joce. Thanks for that, Maze. Maybe I won't kill you.
Things are.... not good. At all. Frap is in his head. The others were too... That doesn't mean they're not dead. Or maybe it does. Joce was confuzzled on that one. He figured out a lot of things, if you want details, email me unless you are Janus and Maze. :)
It was nice talking to Joce, but... he's being punished by Janus. >.< Did get to meet fairies, though! They were nice. And... like snowflakes. Different. Frap, email me, If you can, please. PLEASE.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My dreams collected.

Anonymous reporting...

I'm just reposting all of my dreams together on here, at least the ones that were marked by Alder and N|LL... so yeah... you'll notice they all fit together... so... here they are...


I wake up... where we're hiding right now... so I didn't think it was a dream at first... and... well... everything seems fine... Tikka's still asleep... I slowly get up and start making myself some tea...

The light flickers and then goes out. I hear the door slam open and light floods in from the doorway. I try to scream, but nothing comes out. I shake Tikka and he wakes up, looking towards the door, just as they come inside. It's Alder and N|LL. Alder runs right at Tikka and hits him in the head with a baseball bat before grabbing Tikka and pulling him out of the bed, and tying him up. N|LL runs straight at me and before I can really react, stabs me in the right shoulder, pinning me to the headboard. Now I scream. I feel a sharp pain on my face and...

I wake up...


I come around in a chair, strapped down. I'm in a basement area... like the one I dreamt of before. I hear something in the darkness infront of me. I see... Him... he's standing there... his tentacles moving behind him. I scream something at him... I don't remember... and he's suddenly infront of me. He breaks the straps that are holding me down and picks me up with his tentacles. I writhe in his grip and try to reach the Athame. He tries to grab it and shrieks in pain as he touches it, throwing me across the room. As I land I pick up the Athame, which had fallen from my pocket, and stand up as fast as I can. He's gone... I suddenly hear the sound of rushing water and look towards it, seeing water doing just that, rushing towards me, as I'm swept away I slam against the ceiling, it is not gone like last time... I get small gulps of air as I'm swept along. I see the end of the tunnel and know I can get out if I can just stay conscious long enough to get to the end of the tunnel. as I reach the end I'm pushed up by the water and slam my head against the very edge of the tunnel at it's exit and-

I wake up...


I open my eyes... and all I see... is Him... He's staring right at me... unseeing, but seeing... completely motionless. I can feel something coming from Him... like utter contempt and disgust... I do not entertain Him... or amuse Him... I anger Him... I pose a threat... not enough to kill Him... no... but I can hurt Him... and kill His Proxies... and He knows this all too well... I try to look around but my head won't turn and I can't move my eyes, it's just Him... only Him... He moves closer... almost... gliding... and stops, just inches from my face. He kneels, looking me right in the eyes... and I feel this horrible... horrible rage... I see something move on His back and suddenly everything is black and I feel a searing pain on my face... I'm blind... He removed my eyes... I can't see... the last image I ever saw was His face... and now it is burned into my mind... forever... Him...


And I wake up...


As the dream starts, I can hear a river, for the first couple of minutes that's all I hear. I start to crawl away from the sound and can hear the rustling of leaves being blown by the wind. I continue to crawl until I accidentally bump my head against what feels like a tree. I slowly stand up and call out, trying to get someone to help me.

No one replies

I reach out away from the tree and feel another one, making my way from one tree to the next. After a few minutes I hear someone walking along. I call out to them and hear them stop walking. I hear a giggle... It sounds like Susan... I hear the person run up to me and grab my hand, pulling me along. Soon I can hear cars rushing by and all of a sudden the person lets go of my hand and I stumble, reaching out infront of me and putting my hands on the guardrail by the road. I stick out my thumb and wait. I hear a car slow down near me and as the car door clicks open-

I wake up.

So yeah, this is all obviously a threat towards me... but I'll do my best to stay safe.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


4pm-4:10 ish. went to woods
4:15: got taken over
4:50ish woke in the woods.

Hawkmantrio knows more than I

Monday, April 4, 2011


Let's see...woke up in Utah, couldn't remember anything, went to D.C., got kidnapped, flown to Kenya, escaped, went crazy, back to D.C., go to Antarctica, get some awesome stuffness, D.C. again, stopped being crazy, hung out in D.C. for a while, tortured for a week, met a girl, got a girlfriend, hanging out some more, still in D.C., can't draw for shit.

Saturday, April 2, 2011




Friday, April 1, 2011

Liam's blog

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Re: assignment

I'm John. I really don't remember much. Only enough that I've been stalked by a faceless being. My blog is the story of my insanity. It reached maximum point, than went away. Not sure what tropes mean. I'll have that drawing/cookie soon. >:)

that black part on my shoulder is my hood, not hair.


To all Team Magick!

Its a two-fold thing, to help other bloggers and yourself.

1. Write a summary about you and your blog. However you want to write it.

2. At the end, list a few relevant tropes!

BONUS! If you do this I'll give you a cookie. Draw yourself/something that is your motif.

:) Have fun! I'll be doing this too, on my personal blog: Fencer's Relaxation.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Teenager Blogger Post

This ONE POST will be a nice little normal post, alright? No mention of our mutual enemy.

Today was a good day! Woke up about, eh, 6ish, then dozed off reppeatedly. After that I had my morning bowl of cereal, two bowls, three bowls of cereal. Got cleaned up, except for my hair: doesn't matter if I spent any hour brushing it, its always.... wierd. Outfit of choice: Black silk pants, black t-shirt with a wolf on it, and a purple sweatshirt. After that, started on my school World Geography-Science-Bible(ugh)-Algebra(DFJGIDRH)-English. Threatened my computer several times. Had spaghetti and oreos for lunch,read a chunk of the Red Pyramid. Finished school, walked off to my room. Tropes, chatted, commented, and watched videos. Turned on Welcome to the Jungle for, say, an hour on max volume and had a dance party of one. Cleaned room. Talked to my hallucinations: Fun Fact! I'm not sure they're hallucinations. They tell me stuff happening at my other house. Which is about 700-800 miles away. Finally figured out alarmclock: turned off alarm. Cried over Granny Bacon and Simon's house. Ate chocolate. TV spazzed out when I touched it. Felt more awake, TV was relatively dimmer. WTF, seriously. Reminiced over my short lived journals. Looked at old pictures. Zoned out for awhile. Started writting blog post.

I suggest you guys do something like this. Its oddly relaxing.

P.S.- Should I make a private blog? Like, to show me and my... I'll call them friends.... "friends" and stuff, and maybe just vent?

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Magus is here.

Anonymous here...

So yeah, the email was in my junk folder... stupid hotmail.

Welp I'm here finally, and I'll be around. = )

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Joce is being Labyrinthed.
He's been forgetting things.
Talk to him if you can.
That is all.

Friday, March 25, 2011

He who dreams, and he who defends.

Yes, me and Liam are hanging out. We were speaking of plans, people, and the mythical beings we love. He can't get on the comp so I will sign "here!" for him.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


What is our mission?
We say truths, defend the innocent, and find more truth.

Tests to run.

Battles to win.

Monsters to talk to.

We are the guardians, my friends.

Is there

A mission statement? For TM? Or are we just supposed to sit here and wait for something to happen?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Oh, Frap just posted...well, congratulations to update spam lovers. :)

Is this how we're doing it? If everyone shows up, well, that's a LOT of people on one blog. It's not, really, but for one blog? Yeah. 6 different people, although only...II/II (yay tally marks) different ACCOUNTS.


Wurp Wurp Wurp

"The Fencer"? Is that what you're calling yourself? Well, ok. Heyo. We're not supposed so say anything specific, are we? Just hi? Roll call? Heyo!

Wait, edit...haha. Rapist.

This is the dreamer wakin up.

Woo! I made it! Or did I? (inception)
But anyways, this is the dreamer saying "here" to the role call.

Is this the end of Team Magick as we Know?


This is Alyx Kagora, new comandeer for this Team! Yo, drop me a line. Where are my friends, eh? Magus, Shift, Warp, Bard, Dreamer? This is the Fencer. Might know me better by my older nickienames: Therapist, Artist, dare I say, Rapist? Drop in, everyone!

No Flynning Here!
-The Fencer