Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Teenager Blogger Post

This ONE POST will be a nice little normal post, alright? No mention of our mutual enemy.

Today was a good day! Woke up about, eh, 6ish, then dozed off reppeatedly. After that I had my morning bowl of cereal, two bowls, three bowls of cereal. Got cleaned up, except for my hair: doesn't matter if I spent any hour brushing it, its always.... wierd. Outfit of choice: Black silk pants, black t-shirt with a wolf on it, and a purple sweatshirt. After that, started on my school World Geography-Science-Bible(ugh)-Algebra(DFJGIDRH)-English. Threatened my computer several times. Had spaghetti and oreos for lunch,read a chunk of the Red Pyramid. Finished school, walked off to my room. Tropes, chatted, commented, and watched videos. Turned on Welcome to the Jungle for, say, an hour on max volume and had a dance party of one. Cleaned room. Talked to my hallucinations: Fun Fact! I'm not sure they're hallucinations. They tell me stuff happening at my other house. Which is about 700-800 miles away. Finally figured out alarmclock: turned off alarm. Cried over Granny Bacon and Simon's house. Ate chocolate. TV spazzed out when I touched it. Felt more awake, TV was relatively dimmer. WTF, seriously. Reminiced over my short lived journals. Looked at old pictures. Zoned out for awhile. Started writting blog post.

I suggest you guys do something like this. Its oddly relaxing.

P.S.- Should I make a private blog? Like, to show me and my... I'll call them friends.... "friends" and stuff, and maybe just vent?

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